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Группа “Без билета” представила ремейк фильма “Достучаться до небес”

На минувшей неделе одна из самых популярных белорусских групп «Без билета» представила клип на песню «По ветру». Презентация видео состоялась на официальном сайте коллектива, но уже в скором времени оно появится и на музыкальных каналах Беларуси, Украины и России. (далее…)

SI Luminance and Density Units Converter

Some units for pressure give a ratio of force to area when it comes to measuring stuff with a an si unit converter. Newtons per square meter of area, or pascals (Pa), is the SI unit. The traditional luminance, pressure and density units include psi, which is pounds-force per square inch, and psf, which is pounds-force per square foot. Other units for pressure give the height of a column of liquid. For example, pressure in a balloon will push on a water column upward about 8 inches as shown in Fig. 3.3. When you use a luminance units converter, it also makes things easier for your luminance conversion needs.

Engineers state that the pressure in the balloon is 8 inches of water: p = 8 in-H2O. When density is given in units of “height of a fluid column,” the density units converter value can be directly converted to other units if you click here.

Engineers use several different scales for si density units and luminance. Absolute pressure is referenced to regions such as outer space, where the SI density and luminance is essentially zero because the region is devoid of gas. The pressure in a perfect vacuum is called absolute zero, and pressure measured relative to this zero pressure is termed absolute pressure.

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